Crafts Based on Children’s Books

children“Follow the things your child loves” is the foundation of Born Reading: Bringing Up Bookworms in a Digital Age.

When your kid loves a particular book, you should go online and find more activities related to that book. Most authors have websites these days, loaded with free activities, games, crafts and pictures.

Below, I made of a list of great craft pages based on some of my daughter’s favorite books. These resources will help your kids make crafts and continue exploring the stories that they love…

Crafts Based on Kid’s Books

Fancy Nancy: If your kid loves these books, you can help them host fun craft parties revolving around your kid’s favorite book. I recommend the activities kits for Poet Extraordinaire and Explorer Extrodinaire.

Sesame Street Crafts: A huge collection of crafts that expand upon the things kids learn while watching or reading about the world of Sesame Street.

Nate the Great: This excellent teacher’s guide will help parents find reading, science, math and more activities to keep playing and learning along with the boy detective.

Mo Willems: This page is jammed with activities to inspire kids who love all Willems’ books, from Elephant & Piggie to Pigeon to Knuffle Bunny.

Moo by David LaRochelle: This interactive book only has one word, but kids will LOVE acting out the silly story. You can download a free teaching guide, as well as some fun extension activities, such as Cow’s Crazy CrosswordMOO! puppetsa creative drawing sheet, and even <a board game It’s a Tiger! by David LaRochelle: This book is another interactive favorite, and parents can download a free teaching guideand an activity kit once the book is finished.

TOON Books: If your kids like comic books and graphic novels, these classroom guides to TOON Books’ catalog will give you plenty of drawing and interactive activities to share with your child.

Crafts Based on Children’s Books on Pinterest: This picture-sharing site is bursting with links to clever crafts, recipes and other activities to share with kids.

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