B.J. Novak Illustrates Interactive Reading

bookwithnopicturesActor and author B.J. Novak demonstrated the art of interactive reading in a video about his new kid’s book, The Book with No Pictures.

Despite the fact it doesn’t have a single illustration, the book has interactive reading techniques literally built into the pages: dramatization, questions for the kids, and plenty of opportunities to stop and discuss what happens in the book.

I outline more of these reading strategies in my Born Reading Playbook, but if you are unsure about how to make kids participate when you read, this book (and book video) will help you learn.

Novak told Vanity Fair how his book engaged an entire room filled with kids with its interactive pages:

“They had to calm the kids down after I read the line ‘Boo Boo Butt.’ We had to cut like 60 seconds out of the tape, because they’re going crazy. They’re practically running around.”

Most importantly, the book encourages readers (and in turn, kids) to ask lots and lots of questions while reading. That is the foundation of every born reader. Novak explained:

There’s a really exciting way to show kids that the written word can be their ally and that it’s possible to do something extremely powerful—which is overpower an adult and your experience with them, using only words—words that can be on your side.

I’ve embedded the complete video below…

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