Born Reading Bundle for Disney’s Frozen

snowqueenIs the kid in your life obsessed with Disney’s Frozen?

Instead of forcing children to read about something they don’t care about, help them find more books and multimedia materials related to the hit movie.

In Born Reading: Bringing Up Bookworms in a Digital Age, I encourage kids and caregivers to explore all kinds of media: good old fashioned books, eBooks, apps, educational TV and quality movies.

To build healthy media diets, I created a number of Born Reading Bundles–reading experiences that combine materials across media boundaries.

Born Reading Bundles are basically a combination of print books and multimedia activities you can share with your child, making sure they learn how to use all the resources available to 21st Century kids.

With this simple method, you can turn a child’s favorite topic into a complete learning experience. Using a combination print and digital media will ensure that your child never gets bored with books and that they don’t overdose on digital devices.

Below, I’ve linked to books, eBooks, apps and other materials that will help your child continue after the movie has ended.

snowqueenFrozen Born Reading Bundle

1. Watch the movie Frozen with your kids and ask questions. Discover your child’s favorite characters, scenes and songs.

2. Read the official Frozen books. Random House and Disney have created a HUGE library of Frozen books for any reading level. After exploring this bookshelf, I recommend the Frozen Big Golden Book.

3. Use storytelling apps to let your kid continue the story of Frozen. Kids can use My Story to make their own homemade Frozen book. They can use Felt Board or Draw and Tell to make other kinds of digital stories. They can use the Toontastic app to make a short movie. Be sure to turn off the device and augment these stories with plenty of dress up and pretend play in real life.

4. Download a free digital book copy of The Snow Queen. This classic Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale inspired the writers of Frozen. While the story and characters are different, this is a great way to introduce your kid to his immortal work. You can download a free illustrated Snow Queen eBook or a free Old Time Radio adaptation of the fairy tale. As a bonus, try The Snow Man, a short story about a snowman who shared Olaf the snowman’s love of warm things…

5. Listen to Tchaikovsky’s Snow Queen adaptation together. You can listen to a free copy of the classical adaptation of the story at this link.

6. Download Snow Queen apps. You can find the interactive Snow Queen app for Apple devices or another version for Android devices.

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