Robert Munsch Born Reading Bundle

#10683 ANNICK -A-My daughter and I devoured stacks of books by the great Canadian picture book author, Robert Munsch. I mentioned some of his work in Born Reading: Bringing Up Bookworms in a Digital Age,

You may have read one of his more famous books like The Paper Bag Princess or Love You ForeverKids love his loopy sensibility, and the books are funny enough to keep parents engaged as well.

Munsch also has a great website, loaded with free digital materials that kids and parents can share. Below, I created a Born Reading Bundle that explores the life and work of Robert Munsch.

With these Born Reading Bundles, I encourage kids and caregivers to explore all kinds of media: good old fashioned books, eBooks, apps, educational TV and quality movies–reading experiences that combine materials across media boundaries.

Robert Munsch Born Reading Bundle

1. Find a copy of Munschworks Grand Treasury at your local library or bookstore. It contains 15 of his best stories, perfect for browsing with the kid in your life.

2. Look up your favorite Robert Munsch story at his website. You can listen to a free MP3 audiobook reading of the book online and he generally explains the story behind the picture book.

3. Read free poems and stories that Munsch posted online.

4. Write an email, letter or homemade book inspired by Munsch. You can send the author a copy and he occasionally posts copies online.

5. Check out the Canadian cartoon series, A Bunch of Munsch–it dramatizes some of his most beloved stories.

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