The Bookstore Quest

quest_coverA trip to the bookstore can be a magical experience for born reading kids.

There are many ways to make these visits exciting, but one dad turned his bookstore visit into a genuine adventure. On Reddit, one father posted the heartwarming story of how he helped his nearly three year old son let go of the pacifier.

On his son’s 1,000th day of life, a mysterious box appeared at the house. His son decided to put his pacifier in the box, and a magical bookstore adventure began…

Once the boy opened the box, he found a “1,000 card” and a very special envelope. The dad posted the rest of his bookstore game:

“Inside were tiny versions of the covers of four books I’d had my eye on. I told him he got to pick a book and then we would go on an adventure to the store to see if we could find it. He was really excited to put his pacifier in the box and set it out on the porch. When my wife got home, she hid the box. Then we all went to dinner and then to the bookstore. At the bookstore, I had him carry the printout of the book he had chosen (Quest ) and see if he could find it on the shelf.”

At the bookstore, the boy found a copy of Quest, part of Aaron Becker’s wordless trilogy of adventure books.

The dad also created a gallery of all the books involved in the box adventure…

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