Kids Making Movies

filmreelLooking for a quick winter activity with housebound kids?

When it’s time to turn off the TV, kids can make their own movie!

It’s a powerful form of storytelling, a way to make sure a kid’s favorite story never ends. All you need is a smartphone, stuffed animals, or action figures.

Recently, my daughter spent many hours playing on the iMovie app with her cousins. They used a collection of dolls and stuffed animals as the primary actors.

The smartphone or tablet app has intuitive tools that kids can use to make their own movie trailers and short movies, complete with soundtrack, graphic art, and credit rolls.The kids LOVED sharing the finished movies.

The kids LOVED sharing the finished movies. They live hudreds of miles apart, but trade video files of the movies they make. Android users can try Magisto Video Editor & Maker, an award-winning video and photo app that works for readers without Apple devices.