How To Introduce Kids To Artificial Intelligence

Our kids will grow up in a world completely surrounded by artificial intelligence. A.I.-driven algorithms already shape how our kids choose videos, shows, music, and movies on streaming services.

You can introduce your child to artificial intelligence with the free Talk to Transformer site. You simply give this powerful A.I. model a piece of text–a favorite line from a kid’s book, for instance–and the A.I. will write something new that guesses what comes next.

Help your kid enter some text in the app and then use it as a jumping off point for a whole new story–let them finish the story that the artificial intelligence started!

We need to raise kids who are comfortable working alongside artificial intelligence in the workplace. The best workers of the future will be able to dictate, scribble, chat, and dream better with the help of technology. This fun craft will give them a chance to play with a powerful A.I.