Creative Galaxy Inspiration

creativeWhen was the last time you visited an art supply store with a kid? Even though smartphones and tablets help kids make creative projects, it is important to keep real life art around the house as well.

You can also try Creative Galaxy, a kid’s TV show created by Amazon Studios. The show follows the adventures of an alien who flies between different planets, learning about different styles of art.

While watching, kids learn about action painting and Pointillism. But even better, the show always inspires my daughter to make some art when we turn off the television. THAT is an amazing feat.

If you want to inspire the young artists in your life, try The Shape Game by Anthony Browne. This book tells a true story about a family trip to a museum, but the memory gets reimagined through Browne’s surreal and gorgeous art.

This is a truly interactive book, inspiring parents and kids to make art together once the reading experience is over.

Browne’s book ends with a wonderful and simple craft: “The Shape Game.” All you need is a piece of paper and something to draw with–no art store trip required.

Browne described the game: “the first player quickly draws any abstract shape at random, and the second player looks at it and then transforms it into something recognizable. It could be anything – a face, a dinosaur or a fried egg. It could be a doodle or a work of fine art.”

BookTrust has a great collection of Shape Game resources, including free printouts, a gallery and a way to play the game online.


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