How To Get Children’s eBooks At Your Library

newspapercrashOver at The Wall Street Journal, journalist Geoffrey A. Fowler wrote about how many libraries have large collections of digital books for adults. They also have HUGE collections of books for kids as well.

Check it out: “More than 90% of American public libraries have amassed e-book collections you can read on your iPad, and often even on a Kindle. You don’t have to walk into a branch or risk an overdue fine. And they’re totally free.”

Ever since I finished Born Reading: Bringing Up Bookworms in a Digital Age, my daughter and I have been checking out eBooks every week at the library. Below, I’ve linked to simple tutorials to help parents and caregivers use OverDrive to check out kid’s books at the library.

More than 30,000 libraries and schools use the OverDrive system to check out digital books. Both of my local libraries, the Los Angeles Public Library and the Santa Monica Public Library, use OverDrive as well. I’ve installed the app across my smartphones, tablets and laptops.

On Saturday, August 16, I’ll meet with parents, kids and caregivers to share some other ways they can use digital resources at the Palms-Rancho Branch of the Los Angeles Public Library.

iPad or iPhone

If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you should read this getting started with iOS devices article. If you struggle with any of the steps in the process with iPhones or iPads, you can watch these how-to videos about using OverDrive.

Amazon Kindle

If you have a regular Amazon Kindle, you should visit this getting started with Kindle article. If you have a Kindle Fire tablet, you should visit this getting started with Kindle Fire article. OverDrive has created a set of helpful how-to videos to guide you through the process as well. 


If you have a phone or tablet using the Android operating system, check out this getting started with Android article. If you have problems with individual steps, check out these how-to videos.

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